Call for Nominations for the 2017 Scandinavian Green Roof Prize

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute in Malmo announced a call for Nominations For the 2017 Scandinavian Green Roof Prize (Link to Prize) The Deadline is September 19. There are several criteria for award, the following information is from the website of Scandinavian green roof Institute (read more):

Green roof projects from all Scandinavian countries are eligible for nomination. The criteria for judging the winner of the award are:

  • Biodiversity: The variety of plants species and animals, and specific design for habitat replication.
  • Water: How the green roof utilizes rainwater and / or been part of the strategy for climate change adaptation.
  • Recreational value: To which extent the green roof offers recreational values.
  • Sustainability: Material selection that supports circular economy and does not include materials with a heavy environmental impact.
  • Spectacular and innovative design, and / or multi-functional design concepts. 




Master thesis text and presentation

I had defense of master thesis at 29 of August 2016. Thank you to my supervisor Stefanie Reinhardt and my internal censor  Professor Arvid Odland and external censor Siri Lie Olsen.

Link to the Master thesis:

Link to the Presentation:

Mercury in drains, Oslo

While reading a report “Development of Pilestredet Park” about rebuilding of an area in Oslo, Norway, I noticed the line on page 15: “The hospital was inspected for mercury, and a total of 7.1 kg was found in drains and water … Continue reading