My name is Marina. I am a Landscape Architect and I like my profession. I am also a specialist in green roof vegetation. Currently, I am searching for a job. If you are looking for a professional and enthusiastic person, please contact me.

I like when nature and urban environment working together as a system. My credo is bringing nature back to city. I am impressed by natural ecosystems and idea to apply them in cities.

These interests in sustainable urban planning and landscape architecture have been applied in my master thesis “Vegetation composition of extensive green roofs in Oslo, Norway”. Among other parts of my thesis, I would like to highlight a practical part of collecting data directly from 18 green roofs and conducting multiple tests in the lab. This scientific work gave me a large amount of experience and knowledge.

Knowledge of vegetation and environment for creating green infrastructure is one of my strongest qualities. Being creative and logical allows me to consider various factors in the process of creation and design.

When I travel, I try to notice the elements of landscape design and how people use outdoor spaces. I always try to sense and reflect on my feelings of spaces and take photographs. These feelings and absorbed design give me inspiration for new projects.

It is no doubts that I keep in line with scientific development. I follow news about landscape architecture and design industry as well as the state of the art research and innovation. Phycology has long been among my hobbies, and it is a great assistant for creating place with deeper meaning by understanding people’ behavior and perception.

Nice to meet you!


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