Mercury in drains, Oslo

While reading a report “Development of Pilestredet Park” about rebuilding of an area in Oslo, Norway, I noticed the line on page 15:

“The hospital was inspected for mercury, and a total of 7.1 kg was found in drains and water traps“.

It probably was between 2000 and 2005. The report did not say the exact date for the action.

Of course, urban areas are polluted but still the phrase makes me wonder about the amount of pollutants and how important to manage soil and water and find solutions for  reduction of contamination in cities.


The report was done by Statsbygg

(from the text: “Statsbygg is the government’s central advisory body on buildings and property, building constructor, property manager and property developer. Statsbygg is a government corporation under the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform, with its head office in Oslo and regional offices in Oslo, Porsgrunn, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.”)

There is a map of Norway, where you can check current soil polluted sites



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