Start of competition: The Greenest Garden of the Year 2017 in Trondheim, Norway

Start of competition “The Greenest garden of the year 2017″  in Trondheim, Norway (in Norwegian: Årets grønneste hage Trondheim 2017) is a local garden competition in Trondheim city area. Norwegian association “Bioveier i byen” with support of administration of Trondheim city (in Norwegian: Miljøenheten på Trondheim kommune) just lunched the competition. The greenest garden means the most environmentally friendly garden.  You are welcome to enter  with all types of garden size.

  • small garden (a balcony pot garden, terrace garden)
  • usual garden near your house
  • community garden, school or kindergarten garden

The main limitation is that the garden should be in the Trondheim area. The deadline is 1.May 2017. Soon the form to your garden registration will be available.

The aim of the competition is to learn about biodiversity in cities. For these purpose “Bioveier i byen” association has created a pocket guide for environmental friendly garden accessible in Norwegian. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

“Bioveier i Byen” is an Norwegian association of green corridors and biodiversity in cities. “Bioveier i Byen” means biological ways in city from Norwegian. If you would like to be with us, to be a member of the association, the registration form is here.


1. Registration as a member in “Bioveier i byen”:

2. Garden completion description from Bioveier i byen (in Norwegian):

3. “Bioveier i byen” facebook page:

4. Pocket guide to environmental-friendly  garden (in Norwegian):


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