04 Green roof in Oslo / Sørengkaia 65

This is a fourth roof from my fieldwork. Sørenga is a new district on artificial peninsula in Oslo.

In Sørenga district I visited three extensive green roofs,which addressees are

  1. on Sørengkaia 65, OSLO (belong to Sørenga 2)
  2. on Sørengkaia 85, OSLO (belong to Sørenga 1)
  3. on Sørengkaia 99, OSLO (belong to Sørenga 1)

To check a map of Sørenga buildings location, it is better to use Gulesider map, because the new Sørenga buildings are not on the Google Map. So there is a link to map: http://kart.gulesider.no/

“Very new, sustainable and green,” this is the words by which I can describe this project. Actually it is growing fast, most of the buildings are complete. People who lives there can already enjoy the coastal climate of Oslo.

Actually for me a a lot of new norwegian buildings looks like a urban mountains with their growing levels of terraces

There are photos from green roof of Sørenkaia 65

View to another project ofOslo skyscrapers: Barcode project.

Sedum and moss


Studied quadrant

I experienced myself a strong wind, so as this roof also feels a wind erosion.

View to private terrace of Sørengkaia 77.

View to big terraces of Sørengkaia 76.

Green is everywhere even on balconies.

Construction is going

Children prayground between block of buildings

Link to Sørenga website: http://www.sorenga.no/

Small description in Wikipedia in English about Sørenga district: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%B8rengautstikkeren

Mimoa is a free global architecture guide (in English): http://www.mimoa.eu/search/?search=oslo&rt=projects&x=0&y=0

Good sum of new conctraction projects in Oslo on the second page (in English): http://www.nordicinnovation.org/Documents/Nordic%20Built%20documents/Challenge%20Projects/Norway/004_ECONIC_A3booklet.pdf

Map, where the new Sørenga buildings are on (It is no new Sørenga buildings on the Google Map): http://kart.gulesider.no/




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