03 Green roof in Oslo / Pilestredet Park 25

Pilestredet Park 25

Pilestredet park is a district in Oslo which is knows as an ecological. In the project architects used a lot of reused materials, pedestrians and cycling areas, sorting of waste, reusing water for pools and of course green roofs.

Links to different articles at the end of the post (mostly in Norwegian)

I have visited four roofs in Pilestredet Park:

  1. Pilestredet Park 25 (link to post)
  2. Pilestredet Park 41 (link to post)
  3. Stensberggata 10-14(link to post)
  4. Pilestredet Park 20

The roof of building 25 consist of 3 parts: first one is an extensive Sedum roof and another is a public area for people who are living in the building and the last one is private area such as a balcony for one apartment.

First I added pictures of vegetation, this Sedum part consists not only from Sedum spices. There are also mosses and lichens on the living roof.


Moss: Polytrichum juniperinum (read more about in wikepedia here)

I noticed mushrooms, but they did not roll in my study plots.

Private balcony

Common area on the roof! You can notice irrigation pipes under Spiraea.

Nice view to other green roofs of Pilestredet Park.

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