New standard for green roofs in Norway

Norway has created new standards for extensive green roofs. The name is “NS 3840 Grønne tak – planlegging, prosjektering, utførelse skjøtsel og drift – Ekstensive tak”

Today (8 December). They were represented at morning session in Oslo.

In the overview of event, it says that these standards combine good quality and they benefits ecosystem. It is a result from collective work of experts. They are explaining benefits of extensive green roofs, such as biological diversity in cities and reduction of storm water which leads to release of pressure to sewage system. They confirmed that cost of extensive green roof contraction is minimal in comparison to usual green space.

Picture from extensive green roof in Pilestredet Park in Oslo, NorwayHere is a link to the event (in Norwegian):


Read article from about event and new standard


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