02 Green roof in Oslo / Haraldrud Gjenvinning /Part 1

Haraldrud Gjenvinning building has a biggest green roof in Oslo, Norway. It is 27 000 square meters.

A small description: I am writing my master thesis about “Extensive green roofs in Oslo”. I spent 5 weeks in Oslo, Norway studying vegetation and soil on 18 green roofs.

En liten beskrivelse: Jeg skriver masteroppgaven min om “Ekstensive grønne tak i Oslo”. Jeg tilbrakte 5 uker i Oslo, Norway, studerer jeg vegetasjon og jord på 18 grønne tak.

Haraldrud Gjenvinning is a recycling station in Oslo.

The roof is made by Veg Tech / Blomstertak AS in 2006. Therefore this roof is 9 years old in 2015

I spent several days on this green roof, exploring and enjoying sunny days.

It is not possible to notice that this building has an extensive green roof on the top.

One of the sampling plots from my study

I found some interesting things on green roofs. The most interesting one was on the green roof of Haraldrud Gjennvinning building: a lot of grass and trees

Birch tree
Willow tree

Bushes from trees on extensive green roofs


Sedum album ‘Lime’

Report “Recycling waste at Haraldrud” in Norwegian


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