At Limassol Municipal park from my trip 2013

It is always a pleasure to see a green space in the city center.

These carefully cut shrubs of Azalea and lawn create a good mood.

Different colors of plants.

Vine for shade. The more south a park is the more shade and close spaces a park needs. 

The monument of a  famous Russian poet Pushkin is in the park. It is a present from Moscow government to Cyprus republic.

The violet flower tree, I think it is Jacaranda.

Young trees and a metal shed with vines in the background.

A stub with leaves.

A concrete circuit pond with regular form islands in center. 

Main entrance. Wide alley with benches in shade.

Arrangement of conifer trees: Pinus, Cupressus, and Araucaria.

Children playground near big trees. 

The work on park appearence has never ended.

A play with form of conifer shrubs.

Children enjoy their game in shade. There is a bandstand for bands of orchestra in the center of the photo.

A panoramic view from my walk.


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