Growing microgreens at home. My experiment #4

Microgreen are young sprouts, which are ready for harvesting in 7 to 10 days in average. Each sprout consists of roots, stem and leaves (pair of cotyledons leaves and sometimes true leaves in addition).

For growing microgreens, I use hydroponic method (without soil).

I used seeds from four species of plants. I put numbers on my cake box.

  • Numbers from 1-3 are seeds of Eruca sativa
  • Numbers from 4-6 are seeds of Brassica oleracea
  • Numbers from 7-9 are seeds of Raphanus sativus
  • Numbers from 10-12 are seeds of Ocimum basilicum

The conditions for all species were the same.

I took a plastic box from cake and cotton disks 1/2 of thickness. The cotton is necessary to keep sprouts in upright posture and hold a water a little bit longer.

DAY 01

For keeping microgreens in moisture  and warm conditions, I used a cover, but I did the little holes   underneath the cover.

During the first two days, I put my construction on warm floor in my bathroom and ventilated them approximately several hours per day.

DAY 02

The first sing of germination has appeared.

DAY 03

I checked the sprouts attitude to dry conditions, because it is so easy to miss time when they should be watered. In the stage of germination, it caused a disorder in development of roots to all seeds, except Raphanus sativus. The dark roots are visible at the photo.

DAY 05

Seeds are growing.

DAY 07

DAY 09

DAY 10
Rot appearance. It is the most often problem in growing microgreens.

DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 14


  • Dring up the cotton is not acceptable.
  • Thickness in 1/2 cotton dick is not enough
  • Rot appears on 10 day

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