Desitecture’s future city projects

Desitecture – а research led teaching practice and interior/urban design group.

I would like to emphasize the usage of plants in these projects.

             Vertical City

“The legs /vertical support structure contain elevators and staircases and are linked by structured palette shaped platforms which provide aerial gardens and parks. These parks are also farming units providing an ally ear round source of food and leisure. Each cup has its own external facing park, and internal bridges allow easy access across the inner aerial spaces. Large openings allow additional light into these inner spaces, whilst their hollow nature provides a naturally ventilated core.  The internal elliptical areas provide , distinct micro climates , within each cup, they will each acquire their own character in terms of vegetation and aerial wildlife, supported by balcony gardens and green loading elements which will accrue over time.”

A housing/masterplan concept for the Heliopolis Favela in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the other Stadi_City;

“The notion of the stadium as a suburban icon, re invented as a continuous use resort, in constant use as a destination and port of call for ocean liners, a destination city that is formed by creating an artificial island and tidal marina.
Each tier of the two structural skins which create the bridges and envelope the stadium contains a roadway to the apartment level and meandering park which finally reaches the roof level of the stadium, the heavily shaded garden areas adjacent to the apartments provide the light to this inner world . At the roof level of the aerial park the landscape is divided by an elliptical photovoltaic sun farm and a continuous roof-light which illuminates the curving cathedral space below which lies between the stadium and its encircling apartments, hotels and retail offer. This space offers a controlled environment, for leisure and events, whilst the stadium itself , in line with many new stadia can be transformed into everything from race track to urban park, dependant on the activity programme envisaged.”

Desitecture’s proposal for the favelas of Rio De Janeiro

“The bridges to the rear of the building link into the hills at the back of the site, these it is proposed, will become a nature reserve with recreational, pursuit, enclave and vertical farm supplying food to the local community.”



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